Duluth Superior Pride


The mission of this organization is to serve the people of the Duluth-Superior area community’s diverse sexual and gender identities by organizing safe and inclusive events that celebrate equality and self-expression.

Mailing Address:
Duluth Superior Pride PO Box 3198
Duluth MN 55802

Committee Members

Blake Sawle, Dennis Johnson

Amy Hayes

Joe Sawle
Donald Carney

Public Relations Coordinator
Steven Morales

Volunteer Coordinator

Committee At Large

At least 20 more volunteers are committee members at-large, helping to plan and organize the pride festival and fundraisers throughout the year to continue with our mission:

**As of spring of 2019, the mission statement above, and specifically the definitions of the Pride acronyms (GLBTAQI2S) is being evaluated by a subcomittee of the DS Pride organization for potential improvements and changes to the groups bylaws reflecting the welcoming stance of the organization. If you are interested to learn more regarding this important project, contact info@dspride.com