The mission of this organization is to serve the people of the Duluth-Superior area community’s diverse sexual and gender identities by organizing safe and inclusive events that celebrate equality and self-expression.

Committee Members

Teri Homan & Abby Gannon

Nicole Barclay

Abby Gannon

Assistant Treasurer

Jan Ashmore

Public Relations 

Jan Ashmore

​Volunteer Coordinator

Teri Homan

Youth Committee

Carmen Norlien


Kristina LaFave

At-Large Members

Amy Hayes & Josh Miller


Land Acknowledgement


Each year, Duluth Superior Pride plans for and celebrates our annual Pride festival at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth, Minnesota. We acknowledge this land as having been inhabited by and belonging to Native People, specifically the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe / Lake Superior Chippewa prior to and following the 1854 La Pointe treaty. Unfair and unclear language was utilized by the United States government to steal this land, forcing the Native people to what is now known as the Fond du Lac Reservation among others in Minnesota and throughout the midwest. This treaty was one of many used to traumatize, assimilate, and destroy the Native people, languages, spirituality, and cultures. This forced removal and abuse has resulted in a generational trauma that has not yet been healed. We, at Duluth Superior Pride, acknowledge this as an atrocity that requires ongoing attention. We invite participation in a moment of silence to acknowledge Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Transgender and Two Spirit (MMIWGT2S), and the victims, survivors, and children lost to residential boarding schools.