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The following policies are in place in addition to the bilaws of Duluth Superior Pride

Official Duluth Superior Pride Festival Events

Local Pride events will only be endorsed by Duluth Superior Pride and featured as a part of our official schedule of events after being reviewed and discussed by our board. This can be brought to us via presentation at our monthly meeting or through an email proposal. Please include the tentative location, time, and content of the event for consideration. The committee will either endorse or decline an event according to it and its organization’s alignment with our mission. If an event is approved by the Duluth Superior Pride board it will be featured on our social media and other places events are listed.


Candidate Participation Policy for Duluth Superior Pride – May 2022


Duluth Superior Pride (DS Pride) is a 501(c)(3) organization. By law, none of its staff time or resources can be used for partisan political purposes—that is, to support or oppose any candidate running for public office. 

In order to maintain compliance with the law surrounding candidates running for political/public office, the Duluth Superior Pride Committee has set forth the following policy. 

The Duluth Superior Pride Committee reserves the right to amend or modify this policy at its discretion or as it deems necessary to comply with the regulations governing political activities of 501(c)(3) entities.


It is the policy of Duluth Superior Pride not to promote or oppose individual political candidates, in any capacity at any Pride events.

Individual political candidates are therefore prohibited from retaining an individual booth or participating in the Pride parade.


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